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Liposuction Santa Monica

Fighting with being overweight or having excessive fat in certain parts of one body can be extremely frustrating. Following an exercise regime and eating healthy sometimes is not enough to make your body look trim. Although it is by no means a replacement for consistent physical activity and healthy eating habits, liposuction may be considered when added help is needed to achieve the body you dream of.

Liposuction consists of removing fat from the body in targeted areas. Most popular target areas include the buttocks, stomach, arms and thighs. Ultimately, those considering this procedure must visit a reputable doctor to determine if liposuction is right for them and assess where and how much will be taken of. A reputable physician will explain in detail what the procedure is like, side effects of anesthesia, the recovery process and what the results will be. Some make the common mistake of thinking that once the fat is removed their body will immediately look fit, tone and tight. In reality, it may take a while before the body adjusts to its new fat content, but the ultimate result will be worth it.

Some candidates are more suitable than others to undergo this cosmetic surgery. Those with pre-existing conditions such as cardiovascular disease or diabetes may require additional preparation before performing liposuction and the risks may be higher. Selecting a doctor that will address not only the liposuction itself, but also the person’s overall health is crucial. It is important to check references and have a doctor that will devote enough time to explaining the process and risks of liposuction.

Liposuction techniques have changed in recent years and there are two main types of liposuction that doctors employ on their patients who do not want to use general anesthesia. The first one, tumescent liposuction, involves numbing the area from which the fat will be removed. Once that happens lidocaine and epinephrine is injected into the actual fatty tissue before removing it. The second type, is done through the use of ultrasound, which helps soften the fat so it can be removed easily. The more traditional way of liposuction does require general anesthesia.

After the procedure, the patient will be required to use special garments that will hold the body tight. Tight bandages and support hose will be a must and should be worn until the doctor deems it appropriate. Although it may be a tad uncomfortable for a couple of weeks (it usually depends on the scope of work done), most people will be able to return to their regular lives soon after the procedure. Always check with a physician before engaging in brisk physical activity.

In the Santa Monica area, Dr. Hansen has been noted as one of the best surgeons to perform liposuction. Certified as a plastic surgeon and with many years of experience, Dr. Hansen is well known for his results and ability to translate the patient’s wishes into reality. Former patients recommend his services and that of his clinic, which is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and discreet and competent staff. Dr. Hansen is considered among the top in the Santa Monica area.


Dr. David Hansen

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