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Mini Face Lift Los Angeles

mini face lift Los Angeles

Almost everyone will agree that the joy and confidence that comes with looking younger than one’s age and being complimented for it, is far reaching and untold especially when one is quite social and outgoing. The demands of aging, can sometimes force one to deal or put up with aging marks on the their faces, and sometimes much earlier than their actual age depending on their lifestyles. This is one reason as to why many are scrambling every day to have a mini facelift whenever they find an opportunity to enhance their looks and maintain that much-needed youthful luster. It is true that having a mini facelift procedure done by well-trained and experienced professionals, has not only revolutionized the looks of thousands of people worldwide, but has also attracted to many, the vibrant and youthful looks that they had lost several years ago or thought that they could never ever recover.

Advantages of a Mini Face Lift
Due to the huge demand for facelifts nowadays for obvious reasons, the forces of the market are also responding accordingly leading to relatively higher prices or costs for these procedures, and this is why many are opting for mini facelifts rather than a full or complete facelift. Also the recovery time from a mini facelift, is relatively shorter than a full facelift to the extent that some people even call it a next-day lift. Depending on what part of the face that is out of balance due to excessive fat deposits or other causes, sometimes most patients need only a mini facelift and not the entire facelift to achieve their desired looks. Apart from a shortened recovery time, and concentration on only the parts that make the face go out of balance, the procedures are done all at once enabling the patient to continue with their normal lives with relatively lesser pain and downtime.

Mini Face Lift Procedure
The mini face lift procedure is relatively quite straightforward than getting a complete facelift and less riskier too. Generally, an incision is made around the base of the earlobe and the cheek right where they meet, allowing the plastic surgeon to gain access to the layers underneath the skin. This underneath layer is skillfully tightened as required providing the lift-effect without tightening the skin or hanging any additional tension on the scar or upper parts of the face. The excess skin is then trimmed off and stitches are used to hold the skin together again without there being any unnatural looks, scarring or traces of tension at all on the face. Depending on the patient’s requirements, an eye lid lift (blepharoplasty), brow lift and even a laser resurfacing, can also be done at the same time.

Mini Facelift Beverly Hills
Due to the unique amounts of patience, concentration and great levels of skill needed to perform these procedures, it is very important to ensure that the plastic surgeon entrusted to accomplish this procedure, has the credentials necessary to produce desirable results without causing any injury or destroying one’s face. It is advisable for one to do their own due diligence and ensure that their mini facelift experts are well-trained, qualified, licensed and have the necessary experience that they need to accomplish this task in a safe and professional manner. Anyone looking for the best plastic surgeon and mini facelift expert in the Beverly Hills area and beyond, will find out that Dr. David Hansen is indeed an expert in these procedures, and has the required credentials to perform mini facelifts in record time. It is definite that there has never been a better time in history to get a mini facelift than today.


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